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About – Elizabeth Bradford


Elizabeth Bradford is a painter and occasional writer. She explores, through her art, the natural world, capturing what remains of rural life in the south. Her work is involved with complex patterns found in nature and is defined by her sense of color. Though representational, it has its roots in abstraction.

An Introduction to The Blog


  1. I just thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog! I felt like I was right there on the farm with you looking out over the yard. So many wonderful memories…and yes, I know we have shared the joy of one of those juicy, creatively messy tomato sandwiches. You have a literary gift my friend that made me feel the peace I also enjoy at 6am when the world is not yet up.

  2. wow. Stumbling across your website after a couple years and reading your through your blog may have been the inspiration i needed to get through this week. I have a true appreciation for your work and I honestly could not have found a more captivating thing to read before going to sleep. Thanks for the good dreams that lie ahead tonight Ms. Bradford/Millford/Bradsaps. Hope all is well 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    So sweet the blog regarding your week at the beach with Beth. She has been such an inspiration to me as well. We’ve been friends since 6th grade. I feel like I know you already by looking at your beautiful art and hearing of the conversations you had with Beth. I am urging her to take your advice and let everything go and “just paint”. Come to Timberlake and visit with Beth & me. Maybe you can get her out in that garage and get some paint flying!

  4. Thank you so much Cathey. I feel like I already know you too. Beth has some pretty good stories about you two. Let’s hope we meet soon for that paint-flinging!

  5. every now and then I reread this comment just to make myself happy. I don’t know if you got my initial response to it or not, but it made my month– my semester.
    Hugs to you! Good luck with your exams!

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